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Stone, brick, or tile work, which is laid diagonally instead of horizontally, forming a distinctive zigzag pattern along a wall face or floor.

High street lenders

Providers of mortgage products who can be broadly split into two groups - the building societies and the banks. Banks are profit-making businesses that return a portion of their profits to shareholders in the way of dividends. Building societies on the other hand, are mutually owned organisations, which exist not for profit but for the benefit of the members. They claim that this allows them to return profits to their customers in the form of cheaper products.


The external junction between two intersecting roof slopes.

HM Land Registry

Government organisation that keeps records of properties in England and Wales. Transfer of ownership must be registered with the HM Land Registry.

Home on market

This is a purchaser who must sell a property before they can buy another.

Homebuy loan

A home buy loan is one which is used to buy a property under a home buy scheme.

Homebuy scheme

Home buy schemes are often run by housing associations looking to sell of their property and are a type of initiative aimed at encouraging home ownership amongst those people who may not ordinarily have the means to purchase their own home. Generally, you will have to obtain a mortgage for 75% of the property value, while the RSL (Registered Social Landlord) will front the rest of the money. The RSL will retain their share and if you sell the property, they will keep the same proportion of the sale proceeds, including any gains that are made.

Homebuyers report

This type of survey is prepared for you and gives details of the basic state of repair of the property. It almost always provides a basic valuation as well. A surveyor will only inspect those areas of the property that are reasonably accessible or visible. They will then write a report on the property.

Homesearch agency

In a nutshell, a home search agency will meet with you to discuss your criteria and needs, then go out and find properties that they believe are suitable. They will charge you either a flat fee, or a commission on the purchase price of the house

Horizontal ratio analysis

Financial ratios used to assess a company's performance across many financial periods.

Household insurance

Buildings and contents insurance can often be purchased together protecting both the building structure and your belongings and possessions inside.

Housing act

The 1986 housing act is a wide-ranging piece of government legislation that covers many aspects of buying, selling, renting, and letting property.

Housing association

A non-profit making body that provides relatively low rent accommodation. They also often run which lets you buy a percentage of the property and pay rent on the rest.

Housing market

The total amount of properties available at one time; the people who create and meet demand by wishing to buy or sell; the aggregate effect on price caused by changes in demand; and the effect of interest rates.

Housing supply

The overall stock of new housing, or supply, has a direct effect on the aggregate level of prices. When there is too much new development, prices lower to stimulate demand and when there is not enough new housing, prices rise as the sellers are able to get a better price due to the high demand
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