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Side portion of a doorway or window.

Joint agency

This is where you appoint two agents to sell your property. The commission is often higher as they claim to have only half the chance of earning it.

Joint income

The total gross income of the mortgage applicants.

Joint liability

The responsibility of two or more people to fulfil the terms of a home loan or debt.

Joint mortgage

A mortgage obtained by two people. Both are equally liable for the debt on the property.

Joint tenancy

People who have a joint mortgage generally have a joint tenancy. This is therefore the way you would generally own a property with your partner. You both have an equal share in the equity of the property and if you die, ownership passes to the other partner. While there is nothing stopping more than two people being joint owners of a home, in practice it is very rare.


Load bearing, horizontal structural timber used in flat roof, ceiling, and floor construction.

Judgement lien

A court-ordered monetary judgment against a current or previous property owner which has not been paid.
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